Pest Control Service          

* Quarterly Service             Includes Interior and Perimeter Treatment   
* Monthly Service               Commercial accounts and Residential Customer              
                                           (German Roaches Problems Only)
                                 Includes Interior Baiting and Perimeter Treatment       
* One Time Service             Includes Interior and Perimeter Treatment                       
                                            or treatment  for Bees and Wasps

* Rodent and Squirrels       Treatments includes 3 or 4 trips. This is to set traps and
                                            remove the animals from traps.

Interior Pest Treatment
·        Kitchen
·        Bathrooms
·        Water heater closets
·        Exterior doors & thresholds
·        Plumbing penetrations
·        Around windows
·        Cabinets
·        Bath trap access
·        Garage
Perimeter Treatment
Perimeter treatment 6' Ban around Home
·       Treatment of active pest harborages
·        Crack & crevice treatment
·        Knocking down spider webs First Floor